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The Department of English Linguistics is an integral part of the Institute of English Studies of the University of the National Education Commission in Krakow. Department members conduct research in the fields of contact linguistics, cognitive linguistics, phonology, sociology, dialectology, discourse analysis, gender-related issues in language and generative grammar (see Staff > Publications). Thanks to our diverse research interests we can run BA and MA seminars in a variety of language-related fields and let our students choose a BA/MA thesis topic that matches their interests (see Studies for sample research topics of BA/MA papers). Our students appreciate the possibility of combining academic interests with non-academic passions in the process of writing their diploma papers.

The Department of English Linguistics offers specialized BA and MA programs: Language Communication – Specialized Languages is a 4-term BA program and Linguistics and communication is a 4-term MA program. Both specializations feature theory- and practice-oriented specialized courses (see below) that help our students get ready for their future professions careers. For more details go to Studies.

As part of the EU Erasmus+ program the Department of English Linguistics also offers specialized courses for international students (see Erasmus+).

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