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Graduates’ opinions

“Five years of study at the Pedagogical University not only taught me the field of knowledge related to my direction, but above all made me more sensitive to the world and the role of science in everyday life. In this way, I met many people as interesting in the world as I am, as well as ambitious lecturers, whose passion strongly motivates to deepen knowledge in the classes and beyond. It is worth studying at Krakow’s UP.” Jakub Rosikoń, Language Communication, 2020.


“After 5 years of studying English philology AT UP, I am pleased to say that I could not have found a better Department. The lecturers are very helpful and can always be counted on in case of unforeseen difficulties. The level of teaching is really high and most attention is paid to the practical aspects of language. The atmosphere is great and despite the occasional stress associated with exams, the whole study was a pleasant experience. I heartily recommend to anyone who loves English. “p. Magdalena Kukułka.


“Studying at the Department of English Linguistics has allowed me to develop on many levels. In addition to  better knowledge of the language and master’s degree, I gained a broader perspective on the world, knowledge of history and culture, and greater awareness of media and politics. Lecturers are not only outstanding experts, but above all passionate people who spread their enthusiasm and are open to discussions, and at the same time forgiving. 5 years spent studying English philology was not only studying, but also an intellectual challenge and a beautiful adventure.” Sandra Goszcz, 2018